My wife & me

A passion

My story begins with my dad’s film Pentax, resulting in a passion for images. Photography awakened something in me, a passion, a look and later a profession. Even though I don’t consider photography to be a job at all!

For me, wedding is fun, a day full of joy, love, poetry that I best transcribe through my photos. It’s a pleasure, a fun, ask for the testimony of “my newlyweds” as I call them, it will show the humor and the passion. I love it and I’m just having a blast!


Corporate shooting for the French Rails Company

Open Minded

I love traveling, meeting new people, different cultures, each person can bring me something. I am very positive and open-minded, my travels have opened my eyes to a world, a Humanity, a humanism.

I have faith in Man and when I ask you to tell me your story, it is not out of curiosity, it is to inspire me and thus sum it up over one, two or three days of shooting.


My lovely family

An evolution

Not long ago at a wedding cocktail party, a man approached me with memories. He was the brother of “my first married”, he was my little Madeleine de Proust. At the time I was 20 years old, I shot differently but he remembered me and my photos… what pride!

15 years later my style has evolved, my eye has sharpened. The 100 weddings of the past 5 years have led me to offer more contemporary, less classic, less posed work.